Friday, 22 January 2010

Nameless survival

I didn’t know who I was,
I was petrified,
Then a talking skull popped right up here by my side
There was writing on my back and shambling zombie chits to hack
Yes I grew strong,
Beating corpses in a thong

I’m in my pants
But it feels good
It’s far too hot here to worry about being rude
I’m looking all over Sigil to explain my undying wiggle,
Does Pharod have the journal that can make it clear to me?

I’m looking dead now , I’m lying on the floor,
But don’t be shocked,
It doesn’t scare me anymore,
You may think that I have died but here’s a big surprise,
I lost the rumble,
But I’ve forgotten how to die!
Oh no not I!
I have survived,
There may be some memory loss,
But I have stayed alive,
I’ve got to find Ravel’s Maze,
I’ve got to appear non-crazed
But I’ll survive,
I will survive!

It took all the strength I had,
To get into this place,
Now Ravel’s standing there with an odd look on her face,
“what can change the nature of a man?” answer if you can,
She took my mortality from me and left the empty husk you see,

I travelled on,
Back to the start,
Apparently I killed a lot of people cos I had no heart.
But now I regret my disdain, trapped and in great pain,
All my friends have to be killed before my destiny is fulfilled,

I’m facing myself now, my mortality,
But I aint fighting,
Cos I’m not like that anymore,
I've caused too much suffering just so that I can do my thing,
Time to crumble,
Time to lay down and die,
Don’t you cry!
I won’t survive,
what can change the nature of a man?
 I’ll tell you regret can,
 I’ve got punishment ahead,
In the blood wars now I’m dead,
When I arrive,
I arrive.

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