Sunday, 21 February 2010

My Way!

I’m currently having all my free time consumed by the Last Stand mode in DoW2. I’m determined to find out which one of the three (soon to be five come expansion day) characters is the hardest one to master. Then I’m going to play it till my eyes dry to shrivelled raisins.
Currently my money is on the Demented Teleporting Ork flamer build, although I do keep dying on wave 7, much to my team-mates disgust.
It’s the way I play though. It’s the same in WoW. My first ever character was a Feral Druid, back in the days when Druids were only really any good as healers. Every character I’ve ever levelled to the endgame since has been the same. Assassination Rogues, Elemental Shamans, Shadowpreists, you name it.
It’s a compulsion driven by a number of things. I will freely admit part of it is that it provides a good cover for being crap at any given online game. I don’t react well to criticism and I’ve found that, strangely, this approach allows for some salvaged pride. Also I can feel smug when I’m near the top on a UT game wielding the Bio-rifle. No expectation gaming. It is very liberating.

It is strange how many of my peers have a good scoff to themselves. I get called a Noob a great deal, which doesn’t really bother me. Except on those times that it does. The prevailing attitude seems to be that to play in a way that presents a challenge isn’t what people in the know do. That somehow it is stupid?

Ah the Webbernet. Haven for the sideways-minded.

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