Thursday, 28 January 2010

Geekbash Rebellion

I found this linked from Ansible.  The pertinent quote is :

If you love playing high-octane games or reading sci-fi and action based comics from the comfort of your sofa, but are turned off at the thought of real exercise, we want to hear from you…”

Given the email given for contact is “lifestylechallenge” I suspect that they aren’t going to play nice with the bloated geeks they are expecting to respond.

It is totally infuriating that the old chestnut of the unhealthy SciFi  computer- gonk has become so pervasive that the only aspects of the (three, distinct) interests that lazy plonkers making trash TV are ever likely to pick out are the negative ones.

I don’t like being put in a box, especially by people who have no idea of what they are talking about. The proposition is ridiculous. Is someone who prefers Perdido Street Station to Demons and Angels somehow less likely to go to a gym? Of course not. It is exactly the same with gaming.  Surely someone who plays Modern Warfare  for a couple of hours each night isn’t any more likely to zip down to the gym than the equivalent Sky Sports or Soap Opera zombie?

I think everyone can understand that gaming and reading are sedentary pursuits that don’t involve a lot of heavy lifting and are therefore not optimum when done to the exclusion of all else. Just like watching television, painting, music, chess, knitting and making models of Saltzburgh from toothpicks.

Just more sensationalist geek-bashing laziness.


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